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Well that’s Life

So I guess my point is, how can the reality shows rack up viewers and one of my fave shows get yanked off the schedule.  That must be the new Hollywood way of discreetly getting rid of shows.  Ben and Kate, I am so sorry I did not discover you sooner, and see more of you. I did see your episodes are on Itunes, and that will help.

Alas, it will only comfort me for a while until I yearn for new episodes.  where I see how  Ben’s (Nat Faxon) RailMall is coming along? What about Kate (Dakota Johnson) ?  Will the sensitive baker win her heart?  Will Tommy’s (Echo Kellum)love life continue on the peaceful path, and what about Maddie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones)?  Now that she is 9 will I have to wait for another movie to come out?  Will BJ (Lucy Punch) ever get a commercial? Is this just over?  Ok, I get it. I am not great with change.  There are about 5 reality shows that could be cancelled immediately as far as I am concerned. At least I DVR’d a couple of episodes, I had more, but my DVR box broke and Cox brought me a new one sans, saved Ben and Kate episodes.

Other than that my viewing week has been good!  RuPaul the queen of drag is back with season 5, can you believe 5 seasons?  I love this years queens. My fave is already Jade Jolie, what a great personality.  There is already a conflict between 2 queens that have competed and had scandal.  There is a major secret around Alyssa Edwards who was forced to forfeit her title. I am dying to know what happened.

Switched at Birth is also wonderful.   Bay Kennish (Vanessa Marano-you know Luke’s daughter April on Gilmore Girls?) is the 16 year old artist who was switched in the hospital at birth. She grew up rich with a pool, in Kansas City.  Daphne (katie Leclerc) did not have it as well, she grew up poor in the hood, got an infection and went deaf at 3.  Angelo (Gilles Marini) abandon Regina and the child thinking Regina (Constance Marie) cheated on him.  Speaking of Angelo, he really needs therapy.  He has another baby mama running around 8 months pregnant.  Something tells me that baby is going to be in that family. Which family? The Kennish/Vasquez family.

Finally my great new find is Elementary. This is the story of Sherlock Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller), the modern updated version. He is a recovering Heroin addict, with a sober companion named, guess? That is right her name is Watson (Lucy Liu).  He is a consultant to the NY police department where the police captain is one of my all time faves, Adian Quinn.  He is smarter than everyone else, and knows it. The show is marvelous. You may remember Johnny Lee Miller as Eli Stone and the first Mr. Angelina Jolie.  He deserved a hit.

Ok, I have a lot of homework to do tomorrow as well as work.  So I will have to sign off tonight, and have a great super bowl day!!  Where is my Mad Men? I am just asking.